@iam__chichi is my #ZaManiac of the month and here is why

Inspire. Motivate. #VisitJos Bless @iam__chichi

Have you been inspired lately by Iceprince ? 

Share your story and you might be the next #ZaManiac of the month ! 

Abiola Fabio

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  1. Yes, infact I always check his time line to see one or two things to read in order to get inspired. He has the exact words/tweets whenever I needed to be inspired. I can say he motivates me this days. His fans matters to him like family. His inspiring tweets keeps me reading his tweets and makes me want more like early in the morning it's my routine... "Rise to glory" "tell somebody they matter" and the rest. I love all his songs too especially the last two #Seasons #No Mind Dem. Not that I want to be the next Zamaniac of the month but I want him to know this and thank God this is a chance to let him know. God bless him more.