Comments from Zamaniacs that show love on Instagram #Week23 (and our response)

This is a post that we have put together, here at to show some love to our true Zamaniacs. We see you and we see how much love you show as a real fan and lover of Ice Prince and because of that, we would like to say thank you.

These are just a few that we noticed the most, who never stop to drop comments on Instagram that are either words of encouragement, prayers or just showing some love. 

We would like to apologize now, as we could choose only a few for starters, if you feel you or someone you know that's a Zamaniac, should have made the list, don't hesitate to let us know through the contact us form or just simply drop a comment below and we would be on the lookout.

We would do this as often on a weekly basis for the previous week's comments, so don't stop commenting, you might just get picked some day.

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

This picture above had about 105 comments and over 9k likes at the time of this post but the comment that caught our eyes was this

This guy is so passionate that we love his resilience. He gave different types of contact details and even dropped a prayer for Ice. Our glasses are raised to you @Omo_Oluomo Don't give up just yet. 

Another one that we saw was this...

We would want to say that you have stalker tendencies just yet, but then again its a show. One question though, are you certain it's this particular snapback @kxngstiles?

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

LOL! The comments on this post were quiet impressive though, in the sense that most of Zamaniacs are not of the 'Indomie' generation, as they were able to recognize who was in the picture with. Our very own multi-talented, award winning, Legendary, Queen Yvonne Chaka Chaka. But after the Caption "New Mum Alert" we were very disappointed to see

Ahn ahn! @asiadelilah does someone get married to his 'new mum'? I mean just the thought of it, is just wrong on so many levels. Stop eet!! Btw, @veezolizing you weren't the first bro :(, just keep trying, the Lord is your strength, you will get there one day. 

We have several questions bugging us with the comments below, @hamzamaigari278 do you want Ice's phone number or his car plate number? Also we know that you are a true Zamaniac yea, but we would like to confirm how many 'fans' exactly you are and also what type? Ceiling, table, standing or rechargeable fan?

I guess we spoke too soon about the 'indomie' generation issue. Just take a look.

Hi @aloyobinna624, yes bro, She's his mother that just conceived him, that's why, he said "new mum alert". 

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

And then we always see the thoughtful prayers, well wishes and love.

@ekwechidinma that is just so sweet. We love you too and Amen!!!!

Amen!! @teeyoungy. We are happy to see how much Ice has been an inspiration to you. God Bless you too and keep you too, till you get to meet Ice.

And then we get to see this oh.

LOL! We don't even know where to start from. Where would you suggest? Mentol? or Boos? Toush? 
Hey @etz_amaniboogatti lets just agree to blame autocorrect yea? Cool. Problem solved. Just one more thing though. 

This "I also pray one day we gonna have time together boos" just sounds wrong on so many levels. Please be clear on exactly what you would be doing with Ice when you have time together. We can imagine Ice saying in Eminem's voice

"That type of shit'll make me not want us to meet each other" 

LOL. Just kidding. We are certain its not 14 years *coughs* you are referring to.

In Conclusion 

Just before we go, if you would like to see more of this, then we would appreciate a comment or share. It only takes a few seconds. 

Also, let us know, if you would like to see top trolls and trolling comments (yes we see them too) 

Here an Advice 

"No matter what you do, no matter how well or bad you do it, there are still people out there who would love you for what you do, no matter what, so don't stop!"

Cheers to all the Zamaniacs.

George Jay Okocha

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