Comments from Zamaniacs that show love on Instagram #Week24 (and our response)

Hi Guys, and it is another week again oh... feels like just yesterday we wrote this post. Time just feels like it is faster than the speed of light nowadays, before you can get sh*t done, the day don waka leave you.

Anyways we would get right into it without much delay. In-between the birthdays and the death (RIP) we could pick only a few and these are the comments that caught our attention the most, both the love, the hate, the in-between, criticisms and the out-rightly dumb. We want to give a big shoutout to all of ya'll.

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

This picture is just dope. Isn't this picture just dope? Yes, we thought so too. Well there was a lot of love on the picture and we appreciate it all,

Also, we noticed some oldies in the house, that are not from 'Dora the Explorer' generation and we give thumbs up.

@sweetvaovie we know you have watched coming to america and yes you too @abdulzane thank you for pointing that out.

Ahn ahn @oluwakay7, bros Ice don offend you before, abi e dey owe you money? Okay, maybe e no gree take selfie with you the last time you saw him. Please no vex abeg. Forgive us ehhnn.. Oshey. 

It just sounds like our bros Kay is pained about something else, maybe Nigeria's present state and e transfer aggression. Who knows?

Still on our "Eddie Murphy" Swag picture, We seem to be getting a lot of african love and we apologie about not recognizing or mentioning it earlier, we see you guys regardless.

@uwamhoro yes we see you and we 'loves' you too, especially Ice. Keep the love coming

@joshhhbeat thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious, and yes we didn't fail to miss the undertone sarcasm, just don't fail to miss our more direct approach. :)

@i_charlia dem no dey miss that kind thing oh. why naw? No worry, we look forward to you catching the next one.

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

This was one dope performance by Ice and we are certain that those who got to witness it can concur.

There was so much love from Uniben, Bless you people, as Ice recently got to perform there and @discovertempo has said it all. Now, you guys are the real blessing to Ice. Thanks for the love.

It is always pleasant to other artist on the same grind show some love. @yung6ix bless up bro.

Almost every comment on the picture showed some love but this guy @dddigital8 just said it all. There is no doubt Ice is one of the illest to bless the mic.

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

Okay so, @johnpoko this your comment got us asking a few questions oh, as we aren't certain about what exactly it is you might be referring to. Did Ice Prince give you a watch or did he watch you do something, like a performance? No, wait! Or are you referring to 'The Night's Watch' at the far end of the wall?

You know how they usually say "....for the watch". Yes! That must be it. Take it easy with the Game of Thrones bro, it might just be getting to you.

A photo posted by Panshak Zamani :-) (@iceprincezamani) on

Yes it was Nothing but Joy and love and happiness at the Uniben performance and the fans didn's shy away from showing the love as usual.

@banahene you got that right! Zamaniacs we are large! We worldwide! We are everywhere and we are proud to be called Zamaniacs.

@kingsonofficial1 this is so touching. You guys have been the inspiration, motivation and more for Ice, more than you guys know and we are thankful. 

@iam_sharnkboy Ice was more than happy to make Uniben full with happiness, trust us.

Ahn ahn, sister @mimicoolx we have a couple of answers to that question. If they touch him
  • They'll faint first of all
  • They wont sleep for a week or more
  • They'll go around telling everyone who cares to listen that they touched Ice Prince
  • They wont wash the hand again
Do you want us to continue? 

In Conclusion 

Just before we go, if you would like to see more of this, then we would appreciate a comment or share. It only takes a few seconds. 

Also, let us know, if you would like to see top trolls and trolling comments (yes we see them too) 

Here an Advice 

"No matter what you do, no matter how well or bad you do it, there are still people out there who would love you for what you do, no matter what, so don't stop!"

Cheers to all the Zamaniacs.

George Jay Okocha

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