11 Facts You Need To Know About Ice Prince Zamani (You May or May Not Know)

First of all, if you are a true Zamaniac then you should know most of these details, if not all, then at
least most of them.

Well, if you do and you have forgotten then that is fine, as we would like to refresh your mind with all the details below.

Read up!

  • Panshak Henry Zamani is his real name and was born in Minna, Niger State on the 30th of October, 1986. 
  • It was at the age of 2 that his family relocated with him to Jos town, Plateau State. 
  • Ice Prince was a member of his church choir as a Tenor Singer, this had an influence with his music career.
  • He got admitted into the University of Jos to study Zoology after graduating from St. Murumba College in Jos but dropped out in 100 level due to financial constraints and focused on music full time. 
  • Ice started writing rap lyrics majorly in 1998, when his love for Hip Hop Rap couldn't be contained. He also started performing his songs at school events.

  • In 2004, Ice met M.I Abaga and this kick started his music career on a major level, when with M.I and Jesse Jagz they were known as "Choc Boyz". Also with Lindsay, Ruby, Eve, Taz as well as M.I and Jesse Jagz they were known as "Loopy Crew".
  • Ice hit major airwaves and steadily rose to fame as his hit song "Oleku" featuring the very talented Brymo. Oleku still remains one of Nigeria's most remixed song of all time. 
  • Ice has won numerous awards which include  one B.E.T Award for Best African International Act, 3 Headies, one Ghana Music Award, 2 Nigerian Entertainment Awards which he has had 6 nominations in, and 2 Channel O Music Awards with 7 nominations.
  • Everybody Loves Ice Prince (E.L.I) was Ice Prince's debut album which was released in 2011. It had the hit singles "Superstar", "Oleku", "Magician", and "Juju" on it.
  • Fire of Zamani (FOZ) was Ice's sophomore studio album which was released in 2013. The album had hits such as "Aboki", "Gimme Date", "I Swear", and "More".
  • Ice Prince was announced as the new Vice Chairman of his music label, Chocolate City Music Group, on the 1st of July, 2015.

There you have it, so ext time you are arguing with that your stubborn friend who wants to be right all the time, you can be sure he or she is totally wrong because you have the facts. Don't hesitate to open this page either just to see that priceless look on your friend's face when he (or she) has realized that he's wrong.

We would always keep you updated with the facts about Ice Prince Zamani as much as we possibly can, because this is the true central for Zamaniacs.

George Jay Okocha

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