How to wear a blazer just like IcePrince

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Ice Price makes a perfect impression with his look here! The rapper The Chocolate City rapper was spotted at last weekend’s One Voice Peace Concert in Lagos, wearing a neatly tailored black blazer, paired with match jeans. He layered by wearing a black & white tee and a pair of white Timberland boots.Accessories  with layers of gold necklaces and dark sunglasses.

Gentleman all around the world know that the blazer is the easiest way to make the perfect first impression. Ask any sartorially-inclined man to recite his list of essentials, and the blazer is guaranteed to make it to the Top 5 (if not higher). It’s undeniable that the blazer is a significant part of almost every man’s wardrobe, but the garment possesses a surprising amount of versatility given its ubiquity.

Rules For A Casual Blazer

  • Ideally, it shouldn’t be part of a suit
  • It should be shorter in the bodyi
  • t should be fitted to accommodate additional layers like a t-shirt, shirt, vest, etc.
  • Experiment with different colours, fabrics and patterns
  • Build a collection

Abiola Fabio

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